Difatta International Inc.,

Logo design for Difatta International, Inc.Branding, Web Development, Media Relations


Establish a B2B consultancy for an experienced team with significant subject knowledge and background in the pet industry.

Leverage the principal’s credibility and expertise amid professional industry colleagues, peers and related businesses to drive traffic to his new consultancy.

Identify the market, define the consultancy mission and shape the brand while developing multiple marketing elements.


CarusoPR began developing the Difatta International brand by working with the client to identify  a clear mission. We  selected a relevant name for the consultancy and created a visually appealing professional logo and color scheme to be used throughout all marketing materials.

We developed and launched a new easy to navigate informational website filled with eye-catching graphics. We wrote focused content and carefully selected stock images to best project the consultancy niche services. To meet the needs of the international market, we ensured the website is readable in seven languages.

Website design for Difatta International, Inc.

We positioned the principal as a thought leader in the industry providing valuable advice and counsel to the growing international pet industry sector.

CarusoPR also engaged an international media relations program leveraging the clients thought leadership and industry knowledge in the growing international pet supply industry market.


CarusoPR delivered a professional, custom website highlighting the unique consultancy capabilities. We crafted content and carefully selected images integrated with social media channels on the website. We developed the website to be the cornerstone of the company’s digital presence.

We successfully positioned the client as an expert and industry thought leader in emerging and trending topics. We secured a series of full feature length by-lined articles in international pet trade media. We researched and ghost wrote articles for the series for over three years.

Articles featuring Difatta International, Inc. placed in PETS International magazine.

We secured international speaking engagements for the client to present live in front of key audiences and increasing his industry profile and driving attention to his consultancy and other business endeavors. We designed, wrote and produced collateral materials. We also prepared powerpoint presentations and worked with the client to ensure ready to deliver innovative and engaging speeches to  international audiences in Prague and Nuremberg, Germany.


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