Industries Served

CarusoPR works with clients in many industries and enjoys working with small and mid-size businesses as well as established non-profit organizations.

CarusoPR has a proven track record working with professional service clients such as lawyers, business consultants, financial and healthcare professionals. In recent times, we've supported seasoned professionals that are exiting a larger entity and launching a smaller or solo operation. We guide them through the marketing process helping them identify and build a niche, develop an audience and create a robust strategic communications plan to help set them apart in their fields of expertise.

CarusoPR knows non-profits. We have been working with non-profit clients for decades and understand the challenges ranging from limited staff to lack of internal resources and up to date technology to the critical need to grow donor support as the growing demand for services increases each week. Our concentration of non-profit organizational clients include professional business  and member organizations and trade associations, social service agencies, educational, and cause related entities.

We also stay abreast of the vast array of technology driven businesses and work with emerging small businesses across many industries positioning products and services for future growth.

Law Firm Marketing

Attorney Reputation Counsel

Litigation Communication Support

Business Consultants/Experts

Pet Industry Consultants

Healthcare Professionals

Financial Planners & Accountants

Corporate Communications

Franchise Industry

Legal products and services


Food & Beverage

Restaurant & Brewery



Performing & Visual Arts

Technology Products

Non-profit Organizations

Social Service Agencies

Youth Services


Religious Organizations

Membership Organizations

Trade Associations


Business Associations

Healthcare Associations

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