Issues Management

Protecting Your ReputationIssues Management CarusoPR Public Relations Chicago Communication Services

Communication moves at lightning speed across traditional, digital and social media channels. Much of the information flow lacks opportunity for control, making it imperative that businesses are prepared to face any issue that could erupt into a cloud of negativity.

CarusoPR’s experienced team supports and counsels clients through a time of crisis. We help clients  proactively manage communications through the tough unexpected situations as well as planned changes that may ignite controversy.

We offer issues management workshops to help your team understand how they are perceived by the media or community and ways to improve the impression and engage in meaningful conversations that support your needs.

Best Offense is Strong Defense

It’s not always a matter of if, but when an issue will trigger a negative flow of communication. We help clients develop sound issues management policies.

We develop a plan of action to have at the ready when a crisis occurs. We help clients address potential issues, outline key management actions, identify core messages, organize an appropriate chain of command and ensure proper media training including participation in mock scenarios, developing tough talking points addressing both internal and external communications issues.

CarusoPR assists organizations of all sizes and industries to identify key issues or concerns.
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