Our Team

Founder & Principal, Ellyn Caruso leads a team of senior level, experienced creative communication professionals. We provide a wide range of result-oriented, communication services designed to meet or exceed our clients business objectives.

CarusoPR’s dynamic boutique firm embraces collaboration across a multitude of communication specialities. Our outstanding experienced team works seamlessly together to deliver exceptional services to our clients. We quickly become an extension of your marketing team adding extra value as we bring top counsel, razor sharp analysis and on time execution of projects ranging from spot to specific campaigns and ongoing substantive programs.


CarusoPR’s collaborative team also includes a group of dedicated professionals who bring specialized skills to each CarusoPR project. Our leadership support every project while also incorporating our full professional creative team bringing clients a depth of knowledge and experience. We work closely and collaboratively together helping us to swiftly ramp up and provide targeted communications services.

CarusoPR incorporates a variety of specialists including senior communication counselors, complex subject writers covering specific topics such as legal, financial, and healthcare and medical topics.

Our social media and media relations specialists are led by our senior communication counselors  supported by research specialists and associates to help develop client’s inspiring compelling storylines and related content.

Our team also includes award winning creative specialists including art directors, creative directors, talented graphic designers with a variety of styles, app developers, web developers, photographers and videographers.

We work together to drive your brand forward.

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