Content Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

The phrase 'content is king' has been widely touted with internet explosion. But relevant content that is written to resonate and spark action by your specific target audience tied in with your buying cycle whether selling products, services, or membership and support of cause or movement.

CarusoPR crafts content for non profits that drives actions including event attendance, membership, and donations.

CarusoPR crafts content for businesses that make the connection to your value offered to client or customer enticing them to take an action from buying to discovering more and contacting you.

We cut through the core of your messages and scouring through your "body of content". We transform large complex topics into bite-size informative copy that will resonate with  your target audience.

We identify the best source for content and map out compelling and visually stimulating images to accompany posts, articles and more encouraging user engagement building relationships that turn into action.

Reinforce Thought Leaders

We use content to position you as a leader in your area of expertise by sharing a ‘sample’ of the value you have to offer your clients or customers. We implore a variety of content platforms ranging from social media to blogging to exclusive content in industry newsletters and sponsored content.

We identify timely trends and craft useful content.  We generate original content that illustrates the value you provide your clients and increase your reach by sharing this with wider audiences on a digital platform encouraging additional sharing and linking back to your website and areas of speciality or expertise.

How can we help refresh your ideas and reach your audience? Contact us to explore.

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