Chicago Tech Public Relations

Tech startups are growing more rapidly than ever before. Amazing innovative products and services are developed and launched at a pace that only a few years ago seemed unimaginable. The speed presents both opportunity and challenge to reach your public with the right messages at the right time.

Chicago’s active tech community as well as many established small to mid-size companies are embracing technology to vastly disrupting or changing how to provide solutions to a multitude of problems. As a young company, startups often think they do not need a public relations strategy or well thought out branding until they grow their sales and business. Startups who delay budgeting for s strong brand story and public relations strategy that works hand in hand with product development may miss out on key opportunities.

A young company enter into a media buzz with a happenstance philosophy. While this  may sound great at the time, as the product grows it becomes harder to refine and tell your product story to the media a second time.

Planning a dynamic public relations strategy helps you remain in control. You define your audience. You  reach your audience with a specific clear message that can make you a stand out in your small but growing field and you begin to become a player and authority in your field.

Public relations is more than just publicity it begins with a brand. We help clients shape their story, find their brand voice. We define and refine logos, taglines, URL’s and websites to help tech clients better communicate their strengths to their target audience.

CarusoPR helps clients develop sound strategies that will increase buzz and awareness and offer credibility through positioning them as innovative, tech industry thought leaders and business experts through media relations programs designed to help them stand out and differentiate amid their competition.

We help both established and emerging tech clients position themselves in front of the right decision makers, breaking down large audiences to carve out a niche that will place them on track to be a growing successful business.

Technology is the future and will continue to impact businesses of all shapes sizes and industry sectors. CarusoPR has the experience to deliver sound public relations strategy and creative deliverables that will help tech companies become memorable in the eyes of their publics.

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