Non Profit Marketing

We Know Non Profits

We drive awareness, membership, donations and more.

CarusoPR has extensive experience working with non profit clients. We understand the many needs and challenges including light hands and tight budgets non profits face.

We partner with our non profit clients adding strategic counsel and innovative ideas to shape fundraising and membership activities and increase visibility, awareness and action.

We identify crescendo moments to highlight at a special event, board meeting, community outreach or media opportunity.

We support non profit fundraising efforts ranging from grand galas to runs with pledges to product or membership drives and full scale digital donation efforts.

We believe each fundraising activity begins with a strategic communications plan that includes specific goals such as to drive awareness, membership, donations and more.

CarusoPR makes sure your organization’s  core messaging, theme and brand works with each marketing tactic used to promote and execute the  activity increasing impact with your target audience.

We tell your story and drive your mission by tapping into media relations, social media, community  outreach, advertising, digital engagement and more.

We extend the life of your special event, meeting or fundraising activity through post event media relations activities sharing the good work of your effort, committee, staff and success long after the last guest departs.

Ask us how we can create crescendo moments from your fundraising activities increasing awareness and action for your organization.

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