Nonprofit Strategic Communications

Nonprofit businesses face a myriad of challenges. Increased needs of constituents and lowered public funds drives nonprofit companies to jockey to position themselves in front of more individual donors, local corporations and foundations. But the field is vast so how do they stand out, differentiate their cause, impact and capture the attention of more donors.

Communication can be a pivotal factor to yield positive results.  It’s vital for a nonprofit to keep the focus of their mission in front of key strategic supporters and prospects. Honing your message to the right audience using, the best tone for the age group and delivery through the best strategic communication channel can make a difference.

CarusoPR identifies the best strategic words, images, tools and tactics to make all nonprofit communication align with goals and target audiences. We work closely with each client to maximize results crafting creative, timely messaging that cuts through the clutter.

We weave your impact story into content that resonates to current and prospective donors, potential sponsors and other influencers that will help you continue to reach, retain and attract new donors.

We develop strategic communications programs that incorporate a complete range of public relations tactics that help tell your story across your communication channels, targeting each of your desired audiences. We leverage board and organizational honors, awards and anniversaries; develop crescendo moments and herald your fundraising events and activities.

We create strategic content and messaging plans that includes delivery method, frequency, call to action and more. We produce impact videos to add vibrant visuals to your cause. We plan, write and produce crisp clever collateral materials including annual reports, brochures, appeals, and more for both digital and print mediums. We secure earned media placements to spread the word about what you do and reinforce more ways that can help with a wide variety of topics and story approaches.

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