Social Media

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

CarusoPR integrates strategy into social media programs accessing the right tools to engage in meaningful conversation by improving awareness and drive attention to your business.

Social media platforms continue to evolve. We keep a watchful eye on all platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and emerging concepts. We identify the best fit for your product, service or organization and develop a social media strategy that will expand your story.

CarusoPR takes the pulse of your current social media presence, determining your current impact, reach,  public perceptions and sentiments. We design a plan to move your digital presence forward building with goals of building a stronger following, increasing awareness and other appropriate actions such as volunteering, joining or donating.

We meld our social media strategies into other communication elements. We help clients expand reach of earned media placements through proper social media channels by developing the right post and the right timing to expand reach and exposure.

We manage social media programs of all sizes always making sure valuable content is created and shared across the right channel in an engaging way.

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