Media Relations

Thought Leadership Positioning Through Media Relations

We are passionate about bringing client concepts and stories to life through quality media relations - generating awareness, mobilizing public opinion, driving action and creating a positive impact to maximize your business.

CarusoPR has a proven track record in securing earned media placements in print, television, online and radio media with coverage in Chicago and local communities, midwest, regional, national and international consumer and trade and business media.

We identify story angles to consistently deliver persuasive results highlighting your brand. We have strong professional relationships with reporters, editors, producers, photojournalists and bloggers and work closely with them to shape and share your stories elevating your areas of concern, solutions or expertise.

CarusoPR employs tried and true tactics to engage media through meticulously planned advance coverage of an event, product launch or special announcements

CarusoPR positions industry thought leaders with reporters, editors, producers, and relevant bloggers to expand your reach and position your subject expertise amid your target audience. We identify timely topics, monitor trends and position leaders with media ready for comment on specific issues. We help you expand your reach and solidify your relationships by delivering third party credibility discussing relevant timely issues that resonate with your target audience.

CarusoPR tracks trends affecting our clients staying, abreast of new ideas and leading our clients through a proactive media approach.

We provide media coaching, teaching the ropes on how to handle various styles of media interviews and ensure our clients are confident to handle all media inquiries armed with solid statements, talking points and relevant background information in a relaxed manner.

We leverage earned media placements across social media platforms often coaching clients on proper sharing techniques to gain optimal exposure and increased digital presence.

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