The Brand: Much more than just a tagline!

A brand is an emotional perception at the core of all creative and marketing elements of an organization or business. Much more than a logo or tagline, a brand, your brand represents a vision of the customer’s experiences and becomes the foundation of trust between a product, service or organization and its consumer.

CarusoPR’s experienced team understands the value of the creative brief and how it empowers the development of marketing materials. We navigate creative possibilities from print brochures to advertising to annual reports to digital engagement through newsletters, websites and more.

What is your brand? What is your brand experience? How is your brand perceived by your customers?

We look at your brand and help hone or develop your mission statement. We find out what makes you stand apart from your competitors and  bring it to life with a compelling visual that works across all mediums.

Visionary Creative

Our imaginative team includes a creative director, art director, graphic designers, photographers and/or videographers. We produce distinctive creative elements such as logos and taglines that will work seamlessly across all communications channels ensuring an integrated and effective marketing approach for your brand. We refresh tired logos, bringing them up to speed in the digital age.

We incorporate your branding materials to be used on websites, mobile apps, social media, marketing collateral material, videos, advertising and other digital engagement.

We offer clients carefully crafted branding guidelines and usages that can be shared across your organization strengthening your identify and understanding of your brand which includes mission, logo, tagline, appropriate uses and  other key background points.

Branding CarusoPR Chicago Communication Services Public RelationsCarusoPR Public Relations Chicago Communication Services Branding

We also create:

- Company Signage

- Logo

- Taglines

- Mission Statements

- Business Card, Letterhead, Portfolios

- Promotional Items

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